love of friends

Tonight we studied Peter in my small group. I get blown away every time I think about it, but Peter and Jesus shared a great love that only friends can share.

Jesus put high expectations on Peter, and never gave up on him even after he failed. All he asked was that Peter loved him he would feed his sheep.

And so it begins, my comparing of myself to Peter and how alike I am to him. I would like to think I would have called out to Jesus to ask him if I could come out to him on the water. I would like to think that I would have stayed by his side and learned from what he had to offer. I know I would have betrayed him. I know I would have fallen asleep on him.

But the thing that makes me get the most choked up today is thinking about my friendships and the love that is shared there. I can honestly say I have two strong friends whom I feel this special bond with, each in their own way, but both with a love like Peter and Jesus shared.

I think my favorite Peter scene is when he realizes that Christ is risen he jumps in the water and swims to shore instead of waiting on the boat to dock. It is that enthusiasm which I greet my friends, and deep love and respect that I have for them. At least I would like to hope so.

I wonder what it would be like to actually be an apostle of Christ. They really had no idea until it all came down and played out. I mean they had a clue, but really they wouldn’t have bet on it, the idea was just so foreign to them.

So must it be with me, and what God is doing with my brokenness, I know he is assembling me back together for good, but I am not sure what. One of the things he is healing is friendships, and of this I am grateful to have the ones that I do, real friendships that pick up right where they left off and grow as time goes on.

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